Shazia - Flanna

I had a blank canvas sitting on my easel. It was bright and sunny outside and I was weighing up whether to make the most of the Friday afternoon and head off out and bask in the sun or start on a new painting, I chose the latter and on that afternoon I painted Flanna. I stood and painted her without a sketch or a thought in my head. She just seemed to appear like a lucid dream onto the canvas, and when finally I had almost completed her a stray butterfly flew into my tiny little room and parked itself right on her hair! By 5 she was completed, a mass of hair and butterflies. If you ask me who it is I could not say but ask me in 20 years time and I may, just may have unraveled her secrets through the twist and curls of her hair. Until then she is Flanna, the girl with red hair. One little thing I do know is…she was painted from the heart and there she will always remain…my little Mona Lisa!

Giclee On Paper
18.5 x 14

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